Our Mission Accelerated change towards a future of sustainable outerwear

Accelerated Change

Who We Are

Unparallel and uncompromising quality synonymous with backcountry enthusiasts and industry professionals is our entire reason for being. Driven to explore new possibilities that push boundaries and deliver the next best thing in technical outerwear. We constantly question the why, challenging ourselves to be better. We are passionate about design and obsess over every detail.

Less is More

What We Do

Our ethos revolves around eliminating as many design elements as possible. This process starts at the initial design phase then extends into advanced seamless manufacturing techniques that simplify the process creating a stronger, longer lasting superior product. 

As a by-product, sustainability now becomes part of the process without any thought.





We design for purpose across everything we do. Aesthetics form naturally using radically advanced materials and manufacturing methods that become unique and iconic to each style.



Product launches are not set on a specific timeline rather through progressive innovation, avoiding constraints of unrealistic timelines or seasonal changes.



Skyline is a limited-edition capsule collection breaking the cycle of endless mass production providing an elevated level of exclusivity.



Our definition of “eco” does not equal less. Less means more when creating products for life. No fast fashion here.


Size Matters

We are a small brand able to adapt quickly, pushing innovation at light speed.

Embracing Bold Ideas and a New Way of Thinking

Meet the Team

Brian Salzgeber

Industrial designer

Frederick Ansara

Creative Director


Material Specialist

Waste is a Design Flaw


Let’s talk about eco; we think it’s a by-product of good design.

The word “sustainable” can be used to describe a wide variety of things. Skyline will continue to focus on what kind of efforts will advance the consideration for the environment and what will be beneficial for the outerwear industry. We will start by using recycled materials where possible and continue to develop new design and manufacturing processes with a greater awareness of sustainability.

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