Tech Engineered Without Compromise

Material Technology

eVent Fabrics® patented waterproof membrane with millions of tiny pores allow breathability while Direct Venting™ technology moves sweat to the surface; let eVent® the sweat out™.

A quantum leap forward in cord management. Cohaesive® is cleaner, easier, and more durable with its integrated design, becoming as strong as the fabric around it.

Over 700 avalanche rescue teams worldwide trust the technology behind the Recco® system to make searching faster; for time is the enemy to buried victims.

Comfort and innovation intertwine like the fibers in our insulation. “Feel the Performance” in any climate or condition with our water-resistant, synthetic alternative to goose down.

Trusted worldwide for impeccable production standards and quality control processes the YKK® Group is the industry standard for zippers.

Colour Story

Colour plays a critical role when it comes to heat retention. Dark colours combined with next-to-skin fit optimize and regulate thermal warmth more effectively in colder environments.

Standing out or blending in, colour plays a powerful role in how we communicate. It creates a statement that triggers emotion and reveals identity. To add to the distinctiveness and exclusivity of our collection, we formulate shades of colour that are unique to our brand.


Universal Features

Seamless Technology

We have introduced seamless technology within the entire collection setting a precedent for the future. This process creates lighter, stronger more efficient futuristic methods to create garments with less waste.


Welding materials together eliminates the need for sewing thread to create a sealed edge. This process drastically reduces extra weight and bulk compared to a traditional folded seam.

Self Healing Zippers

Coil zippers have the ability to self-heal in the unlucky event of a snag. This can mean the difference between calling home to mom and ripping 3 feet of fresh.

Zonal Venting Systems

Venting locations are designed around the body allowing the user to regulate core temperatures on the fly. This also reduces failure rates compaired with traditional pit zips that are almost impossible to close.

No Layer Stacking

Every layer is engineered to work together, eliminating the stacking of pockets and excess material providing an even distribution for a superior fit.


Animals are our friends. We can send spaceships to Mars therefore we are capable of solutions to stay warm while respecting nature.

Laser Cut Construction

Using a laser beam to cut material provides pin-point accuracy that a traditional cutting blade does not even come close to.

Pack Friendly

Designed to provide full access to all jacket features while wearing a backpack.

Balance Point

Every design is engineered and optimized to be as light as possible without compromising warmth or durability.

Bio Mapping

Our design architecture is built around the physics of riding, providing the perfect interface for freedom of movement.


Engineered around the biomechanics of your body using 3D articulation to create a superior fit.


Ultra minimalist and anatomically correct ergonomics.


Components of the garment have a specific responsibility which performs flawlessly through fusion and balance.


Our integrated layering system wicks sweat, provides insulation, and protects you from the elements more effectively than a single layer ever could. This ensures ultimate versatility to adapt to the constantly changing weather conditions.


Keeps you dry. Superior next-to-skin wicking regulates body temperature while providing an additional level of warmth.


Warmth starts here. An ultra-breathable, toasty mid-layer that provides the bulk of your insulation and warmth.


Protects you from the elements. 100% wind and waterproof yet completely breathable; keeping you dry and warm.

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